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1、没有新的故事,你才会对过去念念不忘。 Without a new story, you will never forget the past. 2、每天关注你的一举一动,是自作多情还是自取其辱。 Pay attention to your every move every day, is it self amorous or self humiliating. 3、透过指尖仰望太阳,发现阳光没有想象中那么刺眼。 Looking up at the sun through your fingertips, you find that the sun is not as dazzling as you think. 4、爱错了人,懂得放手。 Love the wrong person, know how to let go. 5、是否你也和我一样,喂,远方的那个你,我想你了! If you are the same as me, Hello, the distant you, I miss you! 6、我以为我们会爱到很后,谁知缘分早已走到了尽头。 I thought we would love to the end, but fate has already come to an end. 7、想逆着时光找你,却发现当时的你有我陪着。 I want to find you against the time, but I found that you were accompanied by me at that time. 8、感情里,总会有分分合合。 In feelings, there will always be on and off. 9、一人花开,一人花落,这些年从头到尾,无人问询。 One person blooms and the other falls. No one inquires from the beginning to the end of these years. 10、人其实挺矛盾的,总是希望被理解,又害怕别人看穿。 In fact, people are quite contradictory. They always want to be understood and are afraid of being seen through by others. 11、我怀念的,是那些虽然不完美,却一样珍贵的曾经。 What I miss is those who are not perfect, but are as precious as ever. 12、发送的是拥抱,入心的是感动。 Send is a hug, into the heart is moved. 13、演尽了所有的悲欢离合后才发现,我只是个木偶。 After performing all the joys and sorrows, I found that I was just a puppet. 14、知己良朋,至为可贵,有友相伴,路遥不知其远。 A good friend is very valuable. If you are accompanied by a friend, you will never know the distance. 15、与其多心,不如少根筋。 It's better to have few tendons than to have many hearts. 16、对不爱自己的人,很需要的是理解、放弃、祝福。 For those who don't love themselves, what they need most is understanding, giving up and blessing. 17、突然发觉自己好像没有活着的理由了。 Suddenly found that they seem to have no reason to live. 18、见你一面也好,缓我念挂使我心安。 It's a relief to see you. 19、人跌倒了连自己都不想站起来,别人想帮也帮不了你。 If you fall down, you don't even want to stand up. If others want to help you, they can't help you. 20、好想骂自己一声犯贱,从今天起绝对不管闲事! I really want to scold myself for being cheap. From today on, I will never mind my own business! 21、生病的时候,很烂的安慰是多喝水。 When you are sick, the worst comfort is to drink more water. 22、很难受吧,拥有上百页聊天记录的人已经走了。 It's hard. The people who have hundreds of chat pages have already left. 23、没有人逃得过悲伤,悲伤才是很大的魔鬼。 No one can escape from sadness. Sadness is the biggest devil. 24、你可曾、如我一般、这样思念入骨过。 Have you ever, like me, missed so deeply. 25、这个世界很小很小,小到一抬头就看见了你的笑脸。 This world is very small, small enough to look up and see your smiling face. 26、我们的爱掌握在我们手中,希望我们彼此都不松手。 Our love is in our hands. I hope we will not let go of each other. 27、希望有那么一个人,把我宠的无法无天。 I hope there is such a person who spoils me. 28、有些人,一旦错过,后悔莫及。 Some people, once missed, regret. 29、时间告诉我、无理取闹的年龄过了、该懂事了。 Time tells me that the age of making trouble without reason is over and it's time to be sensible. 30、静静的沉默,融化了以往的执着。 Quiet silence, melting the past persistent. 31、你有权保持沉默,但你所说的每一句话都将成为遗言。 You have the right to remain silent, but every word you say will become a last word. 32、我想,我喜欢的并不是你。而是我跟你一起的回忆。 I don't think I like you. It's my memories with you. 33、你离开我一刻时,我希望我停止呼吸。停止心跳。 The moment you leave me, I want me to stop breathing. Stop the heartbeat. 34、苍白的思念,一味的坚持,只是伤痕累累的结局。 Pale miss, blindly adhere to, but the outcome of scarred. 35、尴尬却又无可奈何,只能独自的默默远去。 Embarrassed but helpless, can only go away alone in silence. 36、提起你还是会心酸,却不再像从前那么喜欢。 Mention you will be sad, but no longer like before. 37、原谅我泪点低,你一皱眉我泪如泉涌也就是你了。 Forgive me for my low tears. When you frown, I burst into tears. That's you. 38、如今我还在原地,你却已经走出了你的记忆。 Now I am still in the same place, but you have come out of your memory. 39、再美的爱情,也经不住时间的摧残。 No matter how beautiful love is, it can't stand the destruction of time. 40、为此一人,终伊一生。 For this one person, the whole life. 41、照顾每个人的感受,注定自己不会好受。 Taking care of everyone's feelings is bound to make you feel bad. 42、如果没有你,我也可以肆无忌惮的嘲笑爱情。 Without you, I can laugh at love without fear. 43、追寻我生命的那份纯真,心中抹不去的那一片云彩。 Pursue the innocence of my life, the cloud in my heart. 44、你已经对我没什么感觉了,所以我不会缠着你。 You have no feelings for me, so I won't pester you. 45、别说我变了,我没理由为你保留很初的自己。 Don't say I've changed, I have no reason to keep my original self for you. 46、只是过程没有结果,放弃压抑着想念。 It's just that there is no result in the process, giving up and depressing miss. 47、当你告诉别人你累了,其实你只是伤心了。 When you tell others that you are tired, you are just sad. 48、圈子不同别硬融,伤了别人,疼了自己。 Different circles, don't mix, hurt others, hurt yourself. 49、有时候,明知没路了,却还在前进,因为习惯了。 Sometimes, knowing that there is no way, but still forward, because used to. 50、叹气是浪费时间的事情,哭泣是浪费力气的行径。 Sighing is a waste of time, crying is a waste of energy.